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Bus And Car Accident

No type of vehicle accident is free of consequences. The outcome of an accident or collision could be a few scratches and bruises or a catastrophic, life-changing injury. Bus accidents are likely to result in injuries to the parties involved, and there are almost always many parties involved. At Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced lawyers help clients who have been injured because of negligent bus drivers and operators.

From our offices in Houston, Dallas and McAllen, we aggressively represent people in Texas who were severely injured by private and public buses. Our injury attorneys, Charles K. Sanders and Erica Rose, have a lengthy history of favorable case results, and they will fight to get you the best possible outcome. You can schedule your first meeting now by calling our office at 713-231-9288.

Common Reasons For Bus Accidents

A wide variety of circumstances can lead to severe accidents. These accidents are often caused by the negligence of bus drivers and business operators. Our Houston car accident lawyers have the skill and resources to investigate the circumstances of your accident. Based on this close investigation, we will create a personalized strategy for your case.

  • Lack of required safety restraints
  • Improperly maintained buses
  • Driving operating a vehicle while under the influence
  • Inadequately trained drivers

Failure To Maintain Buses Are A Common Issue

Because buses are much larger than the average car, their brakes are under tremendous pressure and must be frequently examined and well-maintained. Unfortunately, many maintenance problems are ignored by bus operators so that the vehicles can continue their operations and not undercut company profits. When proper maintenance is neglected, additional stressors such as overloaded or crowded buses can cause or contribute to bus accidents and related injuries.

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