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How social media has affected defamation cases in Texas

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Defamation

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Social media allows people to post online about anyone or anything regardless of the truth in today’s cancel culture. Fact-checking is essentially not required for online sites. Texas laws support defamation claims; however, laws can be complex for laypersons.

The 1995 law protects internet service providers (ISP) from defamation cases, and suing individuals for defamation is exceptionally challenging. Slander is generally spoken false statements about a person or business. It’s witnessed by others as proof or evidence, whereas libel is written false statements which are much easier to prove in court.

Originally social media posts were written only, but now through video clips are also spoken.

Who’s at fault in a social media defamation claim?

The person doing the defaming is at fault. If a person posts false information against you or your business, you can sue them for defamation. Proving the claim can be an uphill battle. The defamer can claim they were posting their experience or opinion and not stating facts. The courts have the final decision.

An experienced litigator in defamation cases knows how the courts in your state rule in defamation cases. Understanding previous rulings, rules of evidence, and how to win a successful verdict is essential in defamation cases.

Help for victims of social media defamation

The internet is not as regulated for some topics such as defamation as protecting children from adult content. If someone posts a lie or defames you on social media, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries.

Deciding to sue someone for defamation doesn’t have to be done alone. Tools and resources are available to assist you with taking someone to court for a social media defamation claim.

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